The Story

The story puts you in James Sullivan's shoes. A programmer at Red Zone 44 Security Inc. His main job at the company is to develop firewall algorithms to ensure the security of the clients servers.

The Story

Want to know more about the story behind Legend of Miro?

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The Island

Find out more about the legendary Island of Miro. See the entire map and the areas that will test your survival skills. Help the locals and find out what happened with everyone on the island.

The Island

Want to know more about the legend behind the Island of Miro?

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The Past

What was James Sullivan doing before he got to Miro? What were his hobbies, passions and dreams? Find more about James' past, before he was abandoned on this remote island.

The Past

Want to learn more about the previous life of James Sullivan?

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How it all started

Legend of Miro is a storytelling role-playing game, that will put life into a different perspective. It is a story that will make you reconsider the important things in life.

The main idea of the game was born after a brainstorming session in which we asked ourselves how can we make a different Indie RPG. We wanted to create something that was not done before, with new storytelling and interactivity elements, but remain an Indie game at its core.

We came to the conclusion that what all the Indie RPG games are missing is the interactivity, so we decided to approach the game in a different manner that developers normally do.

Development Progress

Graphics & Animation
Sounds & Music




Learn how to survive in the wild. Control your health, hunger and focus.


Find and gather resources needed to create gear or sell them for extra money.


Learn to live off the land and help the locals manage, plant and harvest the crops.


The water is a great source of food. Use your tools to obtain fish and control your hunger.


Combine resources using recipes to craft various items, tools and weapons.


Rain and cold are factors that need to be taken into consideration.

Mini Challenges

Complete challenges in order to advance through the story and earn rewards.


When reason fails, you can use your force to convince your enemies.


Legend of Miro has been Greelit by Steam on 11 March, 2016. We thank all the users for their support.

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Recent Blog Posts

If you want to find out more about the development stage, check out the recent blog posts. We post periodically to keep you guys up to date on the development process.